Is Share capital refundable/Withdrawable?

  • Share Capital is not withdrawable but it is transferable to a new or existing member

How much can a member contribute per month and is it mandatory?

  • A member is required to contribute a minimum of Kshs 1,000 per month as per the Society By laws. A member can contribute more depending on ability and personal target.

How long does one take to qualify to participate in projects?

  • Members qualify to participate in projects immediately they clear the payment of registration fees of Kshs 5,000 and Share capital of Kshs 20,000

Are all members of Sheria Sacco automatically members of Sheria Housing?

  • Members of Sheria Sacco are not all members of Sheria Housing. To be a member of Sheria Housing, a person is required to register by filing in a membership form and meeting all the requirements.

Does the Society build houses for members?

  • The Society has currently not built houses for members but is working on starting constructing affordable house units for members soon.

Can the Society buy for an individual member a plot/property identified by the member?

  • The Society only buys properties in bulk to ensure members benefit though the economies of scale.

Are Sheria Housing and Sheria Sacco one and the same?

  • Sheria Housing is a sister company to Sheria Sacco which operates independently

Does Share capital earn Dividends?

  • Yes, the society pays attractive dividends each year

Do Deposits contributions earn Interest?

  • Yes, the Society pays interest on deposits depending on each year’s financial performance.

How does a person participate in a project?

  • The Society notifies all members once a project is identified and launched though an SMS and email. To participate, download the Land subscription form, fill in the details and submit to the office for plot allocation/reservation upon payment of a deposit.

Steps on how to participate in project

  1. Register to become a member and buy the minimum share capital
  2. Fill in a subscription form to show interest in purchasing a plot
  3. Pay a 30% deposit to for booking and pay the balance with upto 48 months through Sheria Housing Jipange plan product.
  4. Sign a sale agreement for the plot allocated
  5. Fill in the Land transfer forms for title deed processing
  6. Collect your title deed as a happy INVESTOR

The process to filling and returning the online forms

  1. Download the PDF forms from our website
  2. Complete the forms with the required information and sign
  3. Scan and send via email or by post/EMS to our physical address